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THE SUPERSEVEN drum mic set
DMS-PRO-7 The Super 7 is a professional microphone set for drumset. The mic design is modern and it comes with superb Titanium Gold finishing: a beautiful cosmetic and at the same time a durable solution that make sure unaltered finishing for years and years. Recommended for every drummer, this set assure great reliability live and in studio recording . All mics are equipped with extreme quality capsules with optimized frequency response per each unit of the drumset ( bass drum, tom, floor tom, cymbals ) . Comes with a confortable aluminium carrying case and with drum specific mic holders.
complete drum miking set
5 dynamic microphones for 5 pcs drumest
2 condenser microphone to use for cymbals
Extreme quality cartdriges
Titanium gold durable finishing
Solid aluminyum carrying case
Comes with 1 bass drum mic (TA-8340 ) , 4 tom/snare mics ( TA-8280 ), 2 cymbal condenser mics with windscreen and mic stand holder , 4 drumset mic holder
Tech spec on specific microphones please refer to model datasheet
Net Weight Kg 6
Dimension 450x250x100

Product Code: SOUAOPV426