Alesis ADAT-HD24XR Digital 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder


Informacije o proizvodu

The HD24 with 96kHz sample rate!
Start with 24 tracks of 24-bit audio, straight-up compatibility with the over 150,000 ADATs already in operation worldwide, superbly robust IDE hard drives for storage (that are removable, no less), and finish it off with 24 channels of 24-bit analog I/O and 24 channels of ADAT optical digital I/O as standard. THAT's the HD24!

The HD24 provides 24 tracks of high-resolution 24-bit recording at standard sample rates (and 12 tracks at 96kHz). External word clock input is provided for slaving to external clock sources. You want the ability to cut, copy, paste, insert and move tracks and segments of audio with an undo function? These functions can be controlled from the HD24 front panel, or optional remote control.

Recognizing that a broad range of affordable computer-based editing solutions are already in the market, Alesis provides multiple ways to export audio for additional processing and graphic editing. A rear panel Ethernet connection makes HD24 files accessible to computers in industry-standard AIFF format.

Additionally, the HD24's 24-bit ADAT optical I/O allow simultaneous transfer of 24-track material in real time to computer audio cards and other products using ADAT optical format. The ADAT HD24 can be controlled via supplied LRC remote control, and MIDI machine control. Control of transport, track arming and editing functions will be possible via an optional full-function remote control. HD24 supports MIDI commands and sys-ex bulk dumps via MIDI In/Out connectors.

Expand Your Tape-Based System!
The HD24 can be used to expand and update any tape-based ADAT/BRC system. Using the Alesis Sync In/Sync Out connectors, the HD24 appears as three 8-channel ADATs in your chain. Once a chain of machines are established, the HD24 will behave as extremely fast tape-based ADATs.

  • 24-track, 24-bit, digital audio recording
  • 12-track recording at 96kHz
  • Dual recording bays, removable IDE computer drives. Two caddies are included and one 40GB drive
  • Can easily be integrated into any existing ADAT system
  • 24 analog inputs and outputs (+4dBu, 1/4" TRS), 24 channels of ADAT Optical I/O
  • MIDI I/O, MTC O, ethernet connection, ADAT Sync I/O
  • Internal editing capabilities including cut, copy & paste
  • Exceptionally affordable, with unique industrial design
  • All necessary hardware and connectors included
  • Comes standard w/Alesis LRC remote control

Product Code: ALET288