Eurolite ESN 7x80 5mm LED red - video display

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Odlican LED display board za ispis raznih obavijesti i poruka!

Large-scale information board for indoors and protected areas
Ideal for welcome, announcements, special evetns, orientation etc.
With 5-mm-LEDs for ideal readability from up to 25 meters distance
Red color on black background
Color and background color freely selectable via red/green/yellow LEDs
High resolution with 54 mm character height per display line
Single-line display with up to 13 visible characters
93 standard characters (letters/numbers) capitalized/small letters, symbols and language specific characters
14 fonts, 13 more fonts can be imported
Fonts-manager for selecting different fonts, font sizes, letter cutting (bold) and for completely redesigning fonts
Flash adjustable for emphasizing the message
50 different display effects (e. g. scroll up) freely selectable for In Mode and Out Mode
6 different speeds adjustable
Display time of the message adjustable between 0 and 60 seconds
Playlists of individual messages programmable
With Timer-function (operation intervals and ignore times freely programmable)
Permanent Flash-memory with 1 GB capacity
Easy installation and comfortable operation via remote control (optional)
Installation clamps and wall mounting included in the delivery
Software-CD included in the delivery for comfortable programming
Time display in different formats (24 h, 12 h AM/PM, seconds, time zone)
Date in differnt styles (DD.MM.YYYY, US/UK or MM.DD.YYYY)
Selection of year, month or day of the week in letters or numbers
Freely programmable graphic-patterns via Picture Manager
Net Manager for operating several Moving Messages
Interfaces via RS232 (serial) or Ethernet (TCP/IP-protocol)
RS232-connection via RJ11 plug and 9-pin SUB-D socket
10 m data-cable for RS232-connection included in the delivery
RS232-connection extendable to max. 20 m (optional)
IP-address for Ethernet-control freely programmable
Minimum system-requirements): CPU 500 MHz or higher, VGA-card with small font, 128 MB memory, 10 MB of free hard disc space, CD-Rom drive, free COM-port or Ethernet-port, Windows 9X or higher, mouse, monitor refresh rate 60 Hz or higher


Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~
via 5-6 V DC, 1-5 A power-unit included in the delivery
Power consumption: 15 W
Remote control: 2 x 1.5 V mignon batteries (type AA)
Display: 5 mm LED-modules
Resolution: 1 line, 13 visible characters
Display-colors: red, black
Display-matrix (HxW): 7 x 80
Display-area (HxW): 54 x 610 mm
Character height: 54 mm
Readability distance: approx. 25 m
Memory-type: Flash, permanent
Memory-capacity: 186000 characters (1 MB)
No. of messages: 93 with 2000 characters
Fonts: 14
Symbols: 120
Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP
Max. cable-length: 20 m (RS232)
Dimensions: 102 x 660 x 50 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Shipping weight: 2.90 kg
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Special product: Not suitable for household room illumination
Purpose: Show effect lighting

User Manual
ESN_16_128_5mm_LED_Rot_Gruen_Gelb_de_en - Ver. 01

Product Code: EURFZ51M14