CITC Little Blizzard®XT/SP - Masina za Snijeg!

16500.00kn 12400.00kn

Informacije o proizvodu

Little Blizzard®XT/SP (sound proof) w/DMX Made in the USA


XT SP 100252 120v, 100253 100v, 100254 230v

The Little Blizzard®XT/SP improved with quieter whisper output, creates fluffy, larger flakes (without a flake-size adjuster) that evaporate on contact. More volume control also increases or decreases size of the snow flakes. The round opening plus removal of blockage, increases output distance 20% again. Heavy duty powder-coating reduces noise, plus added this model is extra sound reduction strips internally. Fluffier flakes technology float further, are dryer using less fluid. All of this without increasing the price.

Best snow, see Dream Team™

Click here for Complete Specs and Instructions for the Little Blizzard DMX.

Why choose the Little Blizzard?

  • 50% Higher Output than before
  • Fluffier, Lighter Drier, Flakes
  • Greater Output Range
  • Variable Output
  • DMX on Board
  • Soundproof Available
  • Super Tough Deep Blue Powder coating
  • Note: Black Little Blizzard is no longer available

Product Code: CIT7CD2B61