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Recording Dock for Apple iPad (Full-size Models), with 2 XLR/TRS Inputs, MIDI I/O, and USB MIDI

The Alesis iO Dock II for iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen provides professional recording capabilities in a simple-to-use design. Slide your iPad into the dock, open an iOS recording app, and you're ready to start creating. Well-suited for musicians and producers who use apps to create music, the dock lets you connect a guitar, bass, microphones, keyboards and MIDI gear. It works with virtually any Core Audio or Core MIDI app to offer flexible ways to create using the dock.

In addition to providing an ergonomic place to put your iPad in the studio, the dock has dual combination inputs (XLR + 1/4") that let you record vocals, acoustic instruments, electronic instruments or ensembles. Use dynamic or condenser mics to capture audio via the onboard mic preamps with phantom power.

Its 5-pin MIDI in/out jacks and a USB MIDI out port make it easy to integrate the dock into a live or home studio setup. The improved high-impedance input gives you a dedicated jack for your guitar/bass, which ensures you have a clean, pure signal for tracking or third party effects apps. Dedicated headphone and 1/4" outputs let you listen to your tracks on studio monitors or headphones. The dock also features an assignable footswitch jack.

Equips iPad, iPad 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen with pro audio connections for recording and live performance
Interchangeable 30-pin and Lightning connectors included
Improved high-impedance guitar input for accurate recording of guitars and bass guitars
Improved iPad connector placement for quick and easy loading of your iPad
Connect microphones, instruments, speakers, headphones, and MIDI controllers
Works with virtually any Core Audio or Core MIDI app in the App Store
Two combo XLR-1/4" inputs for use with instruments, microphones, and more
Input channel gain controls and switchable phantom power for use with condenser microphones
Two 1/4" main outputs and 1/4" headphone output, each with independent volume controls
5-pin MIDI and USB MIDI input and output and an assignable 1/4" footswitch input
Professional 24-bit converters built in
Class-compliant, no drivers required

Tech Specs

Computer Connection iOS Device
Form Factor Tabletop
Simultaneous I/O 2 x 2
A/D Resolution 24-bit
Built-in DSP/FX No
Audio Inputs 2 x Neutrik
Audio Outputs 2 x TRS
Headphone Jack 1 x 1/4"
Number of Preamps 2
Phantom Power Yes
Depth 8.5"
Width 10.5"
Height 1.25"
Weight 2.1 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number iODockII


Product Code: ALEWBT1W80